Vinyl records have solidified their place as a timeless medium, captivating enthusiasts with their collectability, aesthetic allure, and warm sound. But for a medium so enduring, one question sparks curiosity amongst collectors: How are they made? Vinyl record production follows a simple yet effective process, bringing your favourite artists into the comfort of your home. Join us at Mixx as we uncover the fascinating process behind the creation of vinyl records!


Starting From the Master Disc

In the cutting studio, the digital soundtrack undergoes meticulous preparation. Mastering engineers start by refining the recording into a high-resolution file of the final mix- the version of the song or album that’s ready for distribution. This ensures the track has the optimal fidelity and compatibility for vinyl playback and in this refined digital format, it is then transferred onto the master disc. This disc is made of durable materials, typically nitrocellulose-coated aluminium, which accurately captures the intricacies of the final mix.

Using specialised equipment such as a lathe and cutting head, the final mix waveform is physically carved into the master disc before it’s sprayed with liquid silver. This process creates the groove pattern that will be present on all records produced from it. The master disc serves as the template for creating stampers which are used to reproduce the waves from the master onto all subsequent copies. These are negative copies that retain all the grooves' intricacies for reproduction. This is done through an electro-forming process where dissolved nickel is deposited onto the master disc to form metal protrusions that match the master. These stampers are crucial in the vinyl pressing process, imprinting the waves in a faithful replication of the original recording on each vinyl record produced.


Vinyl Record Pressing: From Stampers to the Finished Product

To press a record, polyvinyl chloride or PVC pellets are initially melted down to form malleable pucks with a consistency similar to cookie dough, each of which will become a record. PVC is naturally colourless and commonly dyed black for traditional records. However, the creative potential with PVC extends far beyond that, allowing for unique variations such as limited edition colour releases and unique picture discs.Once in this state, these pucks are placed between two stampers, one designated for the A-side and the other, the B-side of the record. These stampers are mounted onto a press and apply both heat and pressure to further melt and shape the PVC into the iconic record shape we're all familiar with. As the grooves are pressed into the PVC, the records are then cooled and solidified to set the PVC in that shape. Subsequently, any excess PVC or “flash around the record's edge is carefully trimmed off to achieve a perfect circular shape making them ready to use. The labels can be pressed into the record during the pressing process or after it’s been made, depending on different manufacturing practices. After this point, the record is ready to be tested to ensure there’s no distortion and that all the songs are present and correct. It can then be put in its sleeve with the album’s liner notes and any other extras that may be included, ready for you to enjoy!

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