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Here we'll help provide more information about the MIXX Control App, the features it has, as well as a how to video and FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which StreamBuds are compatible with the MIXX Control App?

Currently the following StreamBuds are compatible with the MIXX Control App:

  • StreamBuds Ultra Dots
  • StreamBuds Ultra Hybrid
  • StreamBuds Ultra Mini
  • StreamBuds Custom 1
  • StreamBuds Custom 2
  • StreamBuds Custom 3
My StreamBuds are not connecting to the MIXX Control App

Please check the make sure that your StreamBuds are compatible. Check here

Check that your StreamBuds are charged.

If your StreamBuds Ultra or Customs a not connecting, please check that you have connected your StreamBuds via Bluetooth to your audio device first and then connect to the Mixx Control App second.

Where can I download the Mixx Control App?

For the Apple Store Click Here

For the Google Play Store Click Here

Login Page

On this page you'll see what Mixx Products are connected to the MIXX Control App. This is also where you'll be able to connect new devices here. You'll only have to connect your StreamBuds once, they'll automatically connect after.

Personalise EQ Sounds

You can now completely change the sound of your earbuds to exactly how you want it. The Mixx Control APP lets you tune the earphones with a simple 10 band graphic equaliser and once you got your sound how you like it the earbus will be programmed instantly with you personal sound signature – The great thing is you only need to do this once so you don’t need the APP again on or even configure the sound again, unless you want to.

Customise your Controls

Fully configurable touch controls to completely personalise the way you control your Earphones. This means you program how you want the touch buttons to work with the simple to use Mixx Control APP

Find It

Use Find It to help see your last location of your StreamBuds Ultra or Customs. Find It will show you the last location it picked up signal, you can then press the Click to Play button to produce a noise to help you find your StreamBuds

Apple App Store

Google Play Store