Which devices are MIXX wireless headphones compatible with?
MIXX wireless headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth supported phones, tablets and laptops.

How do I pair my headphones with my device?
For secure simple pairing your audio device must be within 1 metre of the headphones. Turn on the headphones by pressing and holding the power button until 'power on, pairing' is heard and the LED indicator light on the remote should be flashing red and blue (pairing mode). Go into your device settings, select and turn on Bluetooth on your device. Scan for new Bluetooth devices and select your headphones model. Your headphones should now be connected to your device and the announcement 'pairing successful, connected' or 'connected' should be heard. You will not be prompted for a pass code for pairing. (Note: Bluetooth audio connectivity can vary between devices so it can be beneficial to firstly consult with your audio source user manual for pairing instructions if unsure).

Will my wireless headphones remember that I have connected to them before or will I have to pair again?
Your headphones will remember the last device they were paired to and become enabled whenever Bluetooth is turned on.

How far will my headphones stay connected wirelessly?
Your headphones have a wireless range of up to 10 metres making them great for workouts and keeping your phone out of sight and secure.

Can I take calls with my wireless headphones?
Yes, all MIXX Bluetooth headphones and earphones are hands free with a built in microphone.

How long does the battery last on my wireless headphones?
The battery lasts up to 14 hours on the JX1 and JX2 wireless headphones, 12 hours on the OX2, 16 hours on the AX1, 24 hours on the OX2 Trends and 7 hours on the SoundUP HP1 and RX1 headphones.

How do I charge my wireless headphones?
You can charge your wireless headphones via the micro USB charging socket on the right ear pad.

How long is the warranty period?
All MIXX Audio products have a 2 year warranty that is valid from the day of purchase.