Written by Asha Kalsi 

In today’s world, environmental concerns have really taken centre stage. we’ve started witnessing the tangible impacts of climate change through extreme weather events like heatwaves, storms, and rising sea levels. But amongst this, there's a collective power in the small actions we take that can help reverse these effects. 



The Devastating Impact of Deforestation 

Deforestation plays a major role; according to the Forestry Stewardship Council, over 12 million hectares of forests vanish annually, releasing CO2 and contributing to 13% of global carbon emissions. The repercussions, especially felt in the global south, highlight how climate change doesn't discriminate. As a UK-based company, the flooding and heatwaves that happen locally remind us of its universal reach. Preserving forests is pivotal in our battle against climate change—they're vital for absorbing CO2, purifying air and water, and maintaining biodiversity. 

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Individual Actions, Collective Impact 

Climate change isn't the sole responsibility of any individual, but collectively, we can make a difference through small steps. The mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle isn’t just a phrase; it’s actionable. Choosing biodegradable and recyclable products not only shrinks your carbon footprint but also pushes companies toward eco-conscious practices. Organizations like the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) are crucial in this fight, certifying companies that adhere to and align with their 10 core principles, ensuring sustainability and social responsibility.  

Their 10 principles are: 

  • Comply with all applicable laws. 
  • Maintain or improve the social and economic well-being of workers. 
  • Uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples. 
  • Maintain or improve the social and economic well-being of local communities. 
  • Manage products and services in a way that ensures long-term economic viability, social benefits, and environmental benefits. 
  • Maintain, conserve, and/or restore the ecosystem services and environmental values of managed forests. Additionally, avoid, repair, or mitigate negative environmental impacts. 
  • Establish a management plan outlining economic, environmental, and social policies and objectives. 
  • Demonstrate progress toward meeting these objectives. 
  • Maintain or improve high conservation values. 
  • Ensure that all management activities comply with FSC principles and criteria. 

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Here’s what we’re doing at Mixx to do our part!  

The FSC has seen an 80% increase in companies adopting eco-friendly practices. Mixx has been a proactive force in this movement since 2019, cutting plastic packaging by 75% and firmly embracing recyclable materials. The Mixx ‘less plastic promise’ focuses on replacing single-use plastics with fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging, constantly seeking newer eco-friendly solutions. All plastic used in Mixx packaging is made from at least 30% recycled materials (even the clear windows on some of our packaging). As a committed organization, Mixx recognizes the urgency in addressing packaging waste and its impact on the environment. Rethinking packaging is just the start of our journey towards a more eco-conscious future. As an FSC certified company, Mixx remains conscious of consistently shrinking our ecological footprint across all trade activities according to stringent requirements.  

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Sustainable packaging that minimally impacts the planet is a priority for Mixx. We believe that progress in technology should never come at the expense of our environment. Therefore, with every product we create, we're dedicated to leaving a positive impression on our customers while ensuring that our planet remains unharmed and thriving. 

When choosing Mixx products, you can trust that the packaging they come in is fully recyclable- an important step to help you on your eco-journey. Explore our range today!