Written by Asha Kalsi

Vinyl has experienced a significant resurgence over the last decade, with popular artists, fans and retailers enthusiastically embracing this medium. So, what's the reason behind its enduring popularity? Several factors contribute to its staying power, even amidst the technological advancements and increased accessibility facilitated by streaming technology since its inception.


What Makes Vinyl So Timeless?

To start with, the collectability of vinyl records plays a pivotal role in its wide spread and longstanding appeal. There is a serious draw to owning physical copies of your favourite artist’s work, especially with vinyl's added charm of eye-catching cover art, detailed liner notes with lyrics and messages from the artist and the appeal of limited edition coloured or picture discs. For many fans, buying vinyl is not just about the music; it's a tangible way to support artists financially. Vinyl merchandise offers a concrete means of support, particularly in the current streaming landscape where artists receive minimal earnings, often to the tune of just a fraction of a penny per stream. There are also audio-quality reasons as to why vinyl is so beloved; the warm sound and high fidelity of vinyl contribute to a more enjoyable and authentic experience. As a medium, it allows listeners to fully immerse themselves in an album, appreciating it in its entirety. It’s the physicality and richness of vinyl that contributes to its enduring charm.


Exploring Vinyl Formats

Records come in various speeds that each offer a unique listening experience: 33RPM, 45RPM, and occasionally 78RPM.

33RPM records are the most common format, typically crafted from PVC. They are well-suited for full-length albums, offering approximately 22 minutes of playback per side (more is possible, but usually not at as high audio quality). Having the slowest revolution speed of the three types, 33RPM records are a great choice for longer tracks;

Often used for singles, 45RPM records are also made from PVC but are usually smaller at 7 inches in diameter. This format allows for higher fidelity for single tracks. The faster speed of 45RPM records allows for a more dynamic range, showcasing individual songs with greater clarity and detail due to the increased spacing between grooves.

78RPM records, which are now a rarity, were once widely embraced in the early 20th century until they fell out of favour in the 1950s. Made from shellac rather than PVC, these larger discs are more fragile and feature a bigger centre hole. Many can still be found second-hand but require special needles and record players designed for their use.


Getting into the Groove

Vinyl records have grooves stamped into them that imprint the audio waves of the single/album onto the PVC material. These grooves spiral towards the record’s centre, measuring just 0.04-0.08mm in width. Record players are equipped with a stylus that runs along these grooves while the record spins, interpreting the undulations. The stylus is found at the end of the tonearm with the cartridge which acts as a transducer, converting these mechanical vibrations into electrical signals that are then amplified and sent to the speakers. Stereo sound is produced through the record grooves, with the left audio channel originating from the inner edge of the grooves toward the centre of the record, while the right audio channel originates from the outer edge of the grooves toward the edge of the record. When listening to your records, it’s essential to place the stylus onto the 6mm lead-in at the edge of the record to minimise damage to the delicate grooves that produce the music.


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