Which devices can I connect my SoundQ speaker to?
The SoundQ speaker is compatible with all phones, tablets, iPods, computers and notebooks with Bluetooth audio support.

How do I connect my SoundQ speaker with my device?
For secure, simple pairing, your audio device must be within a 1 metre range of the speaker. Once you have paired your speaker it will have a wireless connection of up to 10 metres. To connect, turn on your speaker via the ON/OFF button. Go into your settings, select and turn on Bluetooth on your device. Scan for new Bluetooth devices and select 'SOUNDQ’. You will not be prompted for a pass code for pairing. (Note: Bluetooth audio connectivity can vary between devices so it can be beneficial to firstly consult with your audio source user manual for pairing instructions if unsure). Your speaker should now be connected to your device and the announcement that pairing is complete should be heard.

Will my speaker remember if I have connected to it before?
Yes, provided that Bluetooth is enabled on your device, your speaker will connect automatically.

If I receive a call whilst using the SoundQ speaker, how can I answer it?
Your speaker allows you to take calls hands free. So should you receive a call, simply short press the 'ON/OFF' button on the base of the speaker. To end the call yourself, short press the same button used to answer the call. Your speaker will automatically resume music play back once the call is disconnected.

Can I use my SoundQ speaker to make calls hands free?
Yes, the SoundQ speaker has an integrated microphone. Simply start a call from your Bluetooth audio device, this should then automatically select your paired speaker for hands free calling.

How do I charge my speaker?
You can charge the speakers via Micro USB. The speaker comes with a USB to Micro USB cable.

How long will the battery last?
The SoundQ battery lasts up to 10 hours.

Is the SoundQ waterproof?
The SoundQ wireless speaker is IPX5 water resistant for outdoor or bathroom use. The charge port cover must be closed.

Can I use my SoundQ speaker if I don't have Bluetooth on my device?
The SoundQ does not have a 3.5mm audio port, it can only be used wirelessly.

How can I link two SoundQ speakers together?
Turn your first SoundQ speaker on and pair to your device. Press and hold the ON/OFF button on your second SoundQ until it says 'PAIRING' (Please ensure that your second SoundQ is not connected to any Bluetooth device close by). Press and hold the LINK button on the first SoundQ speaker until you hear 'LINK CONNECTED'. The second speaker's LED indicator will be WHITE to confirm successful pairing. NOTE: Turning off either speaker will result in both speakers turning off. You can then turn on your first SoundQ and it will automatically re-pair to your audio device.

How long is the warranty period?
All MIXX Audio products have a 2 year warranty that is valid from the day you purchase.