How long does it take to charge my StreamBuds Lynk?
The StreamBuds Lynk will take up to two hours to fully charge. The charging case will take approximately two hours also.

How can I tell if my StreamBuds Lynk are fully charged?
While the StreamBuds Lynk are charging, a red light will appear on each earbud. Once the red light has switched off, the earbud is fully charged. Each earbud has its own battery and may take a slightly different amount of time to charge.

How can I tell if my charging case is fully charged?
When the case LED charge indicator flashes blue or does not light up when the buds are returned, then it is time to recharge the case. The LED charge indicator will flash red while charging and will then remain a solid red once fully charged.

Why is only one earbud making sound?
Check that both earbuds are fully charged and power on when removed from the case. Check that you only have 1 entry for StreamBuds Lynk in your Bluetooth menu. Make sure they are not paired to another device.

Can I use each earbud individually?
It is possible to use each earbud individually in mono. Simply remove the earbud you wish to use from the case, if you had paired the earbuds to your phone in stereo each earbud will work on its own. When you remove the second earbud, it will automatically pair to the first earbud and they will work in stereo again.

How can I control my music?
Follow the below instructions to use the touch sensor controls:
Play / pause - Double tap either touch sensor
Lower volume - Single tap the LEFT touch sensor
Increase volume - Single tap RIGHT touch sensor
Previous track - Tap and hold LEFT touch sensor
Skip track - Tap and hold RIGHT touch sensor

How can I answer calls hands free?
Answer / end call - Double tap either touch sensor

How do I use my smart assistant?
Triple tap either touch sensor to activate Siri or Google Assistant. Listen for the familiar voice assist ‘beep’ then ask a question or state a command.

Do I need the charging case to turn my earbuds on and off?
Yes, the charging case has been designed to protect the earbuds from damage and reduce the chance of losing one.

How long is the warranty period?
All MIXX Audio products have a 2 year warranty that is valid from the day you purchase.