How long does it take to charge my StreamBuds?
The StreamBuds will take up to two hours to fully charge. The charging case will take approximately two hours also.

How can I tell if my StreamBuds are fully charged?
While the StreamBuds are charging, a red light will appear on each earbud. Once the red light has switched off, the earbud is fully charged. Each earbud has its own battery and may take a slightly different amount of time to charge.

How can I tell if my charging case is fully charged?
There are four battery level indicators on the back near the USB charging port. As the charging case charges up, the lights will switch on, each light represents approximately 25% charge level. Once all four lights are switched on, the charging case is fully charged.

Only one earbud seems to pair with my device, how can I resolve?
Firstly check the earbuds are deleted from the pairing list on the phone and turn your Bluetooth off. Place both earbuds in the charge case and leave the lid open, the red charging lights should be on for both earbuds. Remove both earbuds at the same time, they should say 'pairing' and after a short time they should both start to flash RED and BLUE. Once this happens double press the button on one of the earbuds, this will force them to sync together, you will hear a high 'beep' to confirm the command has been recognised. Once the two earbuds have paired together you will hear a lower 'beep'. You can now turn on your Bluetooth on your phone and search for StreamBuds in the list of Bluetooth devices.

Why is only one earbud making sound?
Check that both earbuds are fully charged. Check that you only have 1 entry for StreamBuds in your Bluetooth menu. Make sure they are not paired to another device. Check that both earbuds are powered on and linked together, when taken out of the case each earbud should say ‘pairing’ followed by a low ‘beep’ to confirm they are paired together.

Why are my StreamBuds not charging in the case?
In order for the StreamBuds to charge properly, the lid of the charging case must be closed. This ensures contact between the earbuds and the power supply. The lights on the earbuds will turn red to show they are charging. Once they are fully charged the lights will switch off.

Can I use each earbud individually?
It is possible to use each earbud individually in mono. First make sure both earbuds are in the charge case and remove all 'StreamBuds' entries from your Bluetooth Device Menu. Then remove the relevant earbud you wish to use. This will then appear on your Bluetooth devices menu. You can then connect to this earbud.

How long is the warranty period?
All MIXX Audio products have a 2 year warranty that is valid from the day you purchase.